Welcome to Pittoresca !

Hello there!

My name is Eliane and I am the founder of the fashion, photography and traveling blog Pittoresca (this means ‘picturesque’ in Italian). I chose to blog about those topics because I am very passionate about them and I spend a lot of my free time on either taking photographs with my camera, trying new styles and outfit combinations with pieces from my wardrobe, or traveling.

This blog aims to inspire you readers and show you what I think is fascinating, breathtaking, or otherwise worth telling.

The name Pittoresca is supposed to emphasize that I pay attention that every single picture on my blog is unique and aesthetic and that this blog is about fashion and photography being a type of art.

What I enjoy most about fashion, photography, as well as traveling is the fact that they all have to do with creativity and art, and they help me to broaden my horizon, to challenge myself again and again and to learn and experience new things.

I am also a very enthusiastic writer – that is why I thought a blog would be the perfect medium for me.

Last I can only say: I really hope you enjoy my blog and I am always open for constructive ideas and feedback!

XX Eliane

PS: In the About section you can learn a little bit more about myself.

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