Winter Shades

Adjusting to the weather with a comfortable outfit in wintery colours today. πŸ™‚

The outfit today basically consists of a selection of carefully chosen basics. I have a thing for basic pieces, but I feel when it comes to those, it’s especially important that they are of high and long-lasting quality.

The anthracite cardigan matches my basic off-white blouse perfectly and the brown belt, ankle boots, and bag add an eye-catching contrast to the otherwise black-and-white items. Some minimalist gold jewelry rounds the combination off.

This cardigan was definitely one of my best buys this season. I love the cut and the soft material that makes the piece so comfortable and makes me wear it almost all the time. Not only concerning knitwear I pay attention to agreeable material, but also when it comes to blouses: casual pieces I like best made of 100% cotton. The ankle boots are made of real leather and fit my feet really well (which is not the case with many shoes, unfortunately).

Hope you are all coping well with the last winter month! πŸ™‚

XX Eliane


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