Swiss Cities #2: Basel


Hey there!

For the second post of my swiss-cities-series I went to Basel. Until recently, I had never been to this city, so I thought it would be about time.

Though at first the weather was everything but amazing, the city didn’t fail to make a good impression on me. International city vibes and narrow old town streets mingle with one another and create an irresistible mix. Here are five things I can especially recommend you to do when you happen to come across this Swiss city too.

Münster & Elisabethenkirche

Not the most unique recommendation, however, the Münster is an important piece of Basel’s history and a very impressive building too. What’s more, on the square in front of it, the so called „Münsterplatz“, you can sit on a wall or simply on the floor (just like some students when I was there) and have lunch or just take a break from strolling around. I liked the square because it was a bit aside the hustle and bustle of the main street.

The Elisabethenkirche is a quite impressive neo-Gothic church. It was built in the 19th century after the reformation, and it became the first Protestant church in Basel.



Cupcake Affair

The cutest cupcake shop I’ve ever seen. They have shops in Zurich and Bern too, and I was so thrilled to discover one in Basel as well. As the name already foretells, their specialties are cupcakes of all sizes (mini or maxi) and all sorts (a new cupcake of the day every day, the so-called ‘Daily Affair’). In Basel, you can sit at a table in a sweet cobblestone street in the middle of the historic city centre and enjoy a sweet treat.


Libelle mit H&B

This shop is a paradise for every antiquarian books lover. I could have spent hours and hours looking through the shelves and boxes filled with poetry and fairy tale books and black-and-white-postcards. They also offer some really beautiful vintage posters for about 20 francs.



Basel’s city hall especially impresses through its red sandstone walls and its many artistic details – for example the emblems of all Swiss regions (we call them ‘Kantone’) on its pinnacles. Also the colourful ornaments and paintings instantly bewitch every viewer. The building is situated right at the ‘Marktplatz’ and is impossible to miss.


Xocolatl- Die Welt der Schokolade (The world of chocolate)

I’ve honestly never seen a more amazing variety of chocolate in my whole life. From saffron and pistachio to hemp and mocca chocolate the store offers every flavour you could possibly imagine. Moreover you can find chocolate that is supposed to help your health, your youth or even your beauty. Besides all that they have chocolate made from cocoa from almost every corner of the world: be it Ecuador, Venezuela or Costa Rica, and in every desirable percentage too. After picking out your favourite sorts of chocolate you can also have something to drink in the coffee shop belonging to the store.


A walk along the Rhein

In Basel the river Rhein finally leaves Switzerland and passes the border to Germany. The river itself does not look its most enchanting in Basel I have to admit, nevertheless, I found it quite nice to walk along the riverside, the beautiful old city buildings in the background. The „Mittlere Rheinbrücke“, one of the bridges over the Rhein, was built a hundredandtwelve years ago, replacing the original wooden bridge. The perfect break in between exploring the city or a good close of the Basel trip.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESscreenshot-at-feb-15-17-42-57

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think about the swiss-cities-series! 🙂

XX Eliane

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