Classics Reinvented

Hey there 🙂

As we all know: fashion is all about reinventing classic trends and adding a new twist to them. Pieces like a camel coat (similar here), cargo trousers (similar here) or a leather tote bag (like this) will never really go out of fashion – which is exactly what makes them classy. They embody a kind of timelessness and elegance that makes them always wearable.

The best thing about classic pieces, however, is not that you can invest in them because they will presumably last forever. The best thing is that they are extremely adaptable and you can combine them in new ways again and again.

Adding a more modern touch is what I tried in this outfit by wearing an unusual t-shirt and by combining more than one classic piece in a novel way. Have a scroll through the gallery below to see it! And tell me: what is/are your favourite classic piece(s)?

Have a good Sunday!

XX Eliane








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