Short Trip to the Lago d’Orta

Hey there 🙂

Finally, spring has (officially) arrived!

Spring is the perfect time for a short holiday – a couple of days away, maybe over the Easter weekend. That’s why in this post I am sharing an idea for such a short trip.

Until my family and I undertook this trip last year, I had never heard of the Lago d’Orta before. However, the area is indeed very see-worthy. Situated in the north of Italy, close to the Lago Maggiore and other popular Italian lakes, the Lago d’Orta is a small and rather unknown area. Therefore, the small towns and the landscapes around it are also somewhat quiet compared to the ones belonging to the other lakes. It is exactly that, however, I came to appreciate most when I spent two days there with my family. And for a short getaway, there is still enough to do and see.

I have put together for you a list of things I really enjoyed during the trip and I would recommend you to consider as well, if you have the opportunity of visiting the Lago d’Orta.

Orta San Giulio

That is the place the lake is named after. The old town is very beautiful to stroll through in the evening. When traveling by car you can use a parking garage just outside the village. The town lies directly at the water and a lot of the sweet old houses include a boat garage, and there are narrow streets everywhere between the buildings that lead directly to the shore of the lake.

There is a big square at the lake with a sort of pavilion where books are sold (also in German and English). The streets are lined with souvenir and delicacy shops as well as characteristic coffee shops and restaurants, in which you can get yummy Italian dishes. From the town square you can take a ferry to the Isola d’Orta, a pretty island in the middle of the lake.


Sacro Monte d’Orta

On the hill overlooking Orta San Giulio you can explore more than a hundred chapels and churches that were built for the holy Franciscus from Assisi. The chapels as well as the woods around them are nice for a walk, but the best part of our visit on the hill was the sight over the lake and the island I mentioned before.

What is rather special about the chapels are the many paintings and statues that were painted and built with the aim to “help illiterates understand the message of the bible and remind them of their duties” (according to a tourist flyer).



Omegna is the town at the northern end of the Lago d’Orta and the biggest town at the lake. Apart from delicious Italian gelato you find a couple of cute little coffee shops and stores. One of them sold mouth-watering Italian pastries. We filled one of the decorated boxes with ‘baci’, ‘abbracci’ and all kinds of sweets.

There is a brook flowing through the village and into the lake which you can walk along on a plank. We spent the morning of our second day there and had coffee at the ‘pomodorino’ which also offered a nice collection of sandwiches and other snacks.



The trip is definitely recommendable for a few days of peace and quiet and relaxing Italian vibes, as well as good food.

Have a good Monday everyone!

XX Eliane

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