August’s Big 5

Starting a new series,…

…I would like to show you five products that “made my month” so to speak. The big 5 of every month are all sorts of things that I tried and was positively surprised by and I hope that you can find one or two things you think worth trying yourself 🙂

#1: My little red Massimo Dutti purse

Do you also find that the “typical” purse-type that you find everywhere nowadays is often too big for smaller bags and needs more space than it is justified to? I tried to find a smaller purse for a really long time, which would still have only one zipper for all the pockets in it (as I find things like an extra pocket for the coins or a flap for part of the purse too complicated and – simply put – annoying. Finally, I found this pretty red leather purse at Massimo Dutti and it is perfect – only half as big as the usual purses (still enough space for what I need to put into it) and one zipper for everything. Yay!



#2: The perfect reading material for the beach

Before I go on holidays, I always need to make sure to take enough reading materials with me, because I really enjoy to have enough leisure time (at the beach or in the evening) to read for hours on end, just for fun. One of my favourite books of this year is The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, a Spanish author, who can create mysterious atmospheres and fascinating worlds like no other. No other story is as perfect for a holiday reading as this.



#3: An “antique silver” ring looking like flotsam

I found this ring at Brandy Melville (and found out that even their jewellery, not only their clothing, is all one size). I love the old-fashioned matte silver frame and the light green stone in it. It reminds me of a treasure you would find at a flea market or of a find someone in a fairytale would make at the shore. Perfect everyday-jewellery with a special twist.



#4: My favourite summer scent

I purchased incanto bloom by Salvatore Ferragamo a few years ago and used it completely up – to the last drop. It was my absolute favourite perfume – bloomy, sweet, seductive. I was determined to buy it again, but I never found it again anywhere until this spring when I was in Milan and saw the flacon on a market. And it still is my absolute favourite scent of all times – especially in summer.



#5: A miracle worker for my dry hair

In winter it’s worse than in summer, but also during summer I usually have very dry hair. What’s more, after showering it is often extremely hard to comb. I have known for some time that hair oil is supposed to be beneficial for my hair type, but this coconut oil by ogx is the best product I have tried so far. Applied to the tips of my hair, it helps keeping it nourished and shiny and also combing is no problem whatsoever. Besides all that it smells amazing and one of these bottles lasted almost one whole year (with me using it every other day).



I hope you could get a little inspiration out of this post 🙂 Tell me what you think about this new series in the comments below. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

XX Eliane

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