1 Look – 3 Long Running Trends


When we took these photographs,

we were incredibly lucky because it was on one of the most ugly days (weather-wise) of the year and we managed to do the shoot exactly when the sun was out for about half an hour 😀

What is also special about this look is that it combines 3 trends that have all been around for a long time and are thus – in my opinion – worth an investment.

1 ) The double-breasted coat

Did you know? – One of the many features that was originally part of menswear. Formerly, men’s suit jackets were typically double-breasted, and they came up first in the late 19th century, worn by men going to tennis matches or other casual, sporty activities (read more here).

3 different double-breasted items of this season – Military Style CoatChecked BlazerLong-line Vest

2 ) Leopard Print

Did you know? – Leopard print has been worn by royalty as well as by rockstars and has therefore been both associated with luxury and sophistication and kitschy and trashy fashion. From high-fashion to low-class and back again, the leopard print is probably one of the most controversial and interesting patterns: in the 1920s it was part of mass-produced fashion, in the 1950s and 60s it signified poshness, before becoming a symbol of power in the 1970s and 80s. Nowadays, it is part of haute couture again, but can also be worn in everyday life (read more here).

3 different leopard print items of this season – Leopard Print CoatRose Leopard JumperPattern-Mix Bomber Jacket

3 ) Sport-Luxe Trousers

Did you know? – With the typical side-stripe, sporty luxury trousers have been part of many athleisure-inspired collections during the past few years. Designer labels such as Chloé and Burberry have shown them on the runway. Sport-luxe trousers are especially fascinating as they combine a sporty casual feature (the side stripe) with oftentimes elegant fabrics, such as linen, silk, or suiting (read more here).

3 different sport-luxe trousers of this season – Classy – Checked TrousersTropical Print

I hope you liked this kind of post and enjoy the pictures 🙂 See you soon


Screenshot at Sep 28 22-50-00



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