At the Côte d’Azur: Grasse – St. Tropez – Port Grimaud


Two weeks with my family at the Côte d’Azur call for a new travel blog post (or even a new travel series (: ). Curious and adventurous as my family and I usually are on vacation, we discovered many beautiful places and dove into the glamorous and manifold world of the French Riviera. Three of my favourite cities were…


The world famous city of perfumes was on our to-do list from the beginning. Although a thunderstorm surprised us during our visit there, it was lovely to wander through the old town whose narrow alleys seemed to still carry in them the spirit of the Middle Ages. Especially the Cathedral was stunning due to the authenticity it conveyed.

What’s more, we could not leave Grasse again without visiting the museum and the factory of the well-known perfume house Fragonard. The museum is definitely worth a visit and in the factory shop, a huge range of different beauty products can be bought. I tried a whole selection of different perfumes and finally fell in love with “Grenade Pivoine” which smells of pomegranate and peony.

Insider Tip: The Fragonard factory shop is perfect for souvenirs as the products are not over-expensive and what could be classier than a perfume from Grasse? (:

(And you can easily restock your perfume collection via their online shop.)


…St. Tropez

I did not really know what to expect from St. Tropez because I knew it is supposed to be very fancy and it is one of the hippest towns on the Riviera. Could such a place still be cute, individual and cosy?

In truth, St. Tropez undoubtedly is where the rich and famous mingle, but the manifestness of this is not overwhelming and it does not interfere with the artsy and down-to-earth side of the place (after all, it was originally nothing more than a small fishing town). We had a lot of fun exploring the colourful streets with their shops and restaurants and I even found a piece of luxury I could well afford – a Ladurée shop (link to the location) (:

Insider Tip: Behind the port of St. Tropez, there is a walking path along the sea side, and there are also benches and other seating accomodations to have a bite to eat and enjoy the view.


…Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud is featured in almost every travel guide and especially kindled our curiosity with its nickname, “Venice of Provence”. The town was built from scratch in 1966 in an area formerly covered by marshland and was supposed to resemble Venice with its famous water canals and bridges.

Although that sounds rather strange and of course no city can be compared to Venice in my opinion (I loved my short stay there a while ago – read about it here), Port Grimaud definitely is a successful and fascinating architectural project. It is a holiday village, but a large part of it is open to the public and hosts coffee and souvenir shops. A visit is absolutely mandatory!

Insider Tip: We had the absolute BEST coffee/ cappuccino in Port Grimaud at café Caffè Lounge and the ice cream from Vanille & Chocolat was also insanely delicious.


I hope you liked this sneak peek into our adventures in the South of France (: If you did, please leave me a like or a comment below!

Take care and see you soon


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