Beauty Favourites in January


Welcome to 2020!
I hope you have all had a good start
into the new year and are ready
for some
new blog content from my side. (:

To start the new year, I wanted to introduce 5 of my favourite beauty products that I am using this January. Get inspired how to pamper yourselves during the cold season!


Bath Cubes

For me, winter time calls for a lot of relaxing baths in the evenings.
I only picked up these bath cubes at Yves Rocher because they were on sale, but in hindsight I really love their unusual scents: orange blossoms, bourbon vanilla and coconut create a soothing and relaxing ambiance, which is perfect for a cold January evening. The bath cubes do not produce any foam, which is a pity, but they smell wonderfully and, what I find very important, are made of 94% natural ingredients.

Price: ca. 2 CHF (2 €)
Available in Yves Rocher stores.


The Clinique Moisture Surge is a refreshing, hydrating gel cream. I received it as a sample and was truly excited to try it.
The cream is pleasant to apply and quickly absorbed by the skin. After applying, my skin feels smooth and protected throughout the day.
Since I have discovered this product, I am using it on a daily basis, either on its own or as a base for make-up. As it moisturises the skin for 72 hours, it is perfect for sensitive skin like mine. Another plus factor is that the cream contains no perfume or oil.

Prize: 25 CHF
The Clinique Moisture Surge is available at Manor or on Zalando Beauty.


This was the first time I have ever tried a sheet mask, but I managed, as Balea’s sheet mask “Calm Coco” is extremely easy to apply. One simply takes out the sheet, puts it on one’s face and presses it softly on the skin. The mask has a lovely coconut scent and feels cooling and refreshing.
Masks generally are one of my favourite beauty products because they make for an inexpensive and quick spa moment in everyday life. “Calm Coco” provides intensive moisture and, what is very practical, the rests of the mask can simply be massaged into the skin after the treatment.

Prize: ca. 1 CHF (0.95 €)
Available at dm.


I have been using the Cadea Vera Dry Skin Oil for a while now and I really love it.
“Dry oil” means that instead of leaving an oily feeling on one’s face, as for example sunscreen, it immediately soaks in and makes the skin feel smooth and silky.
Only a few drops are enough for the whole face, which is why my flask is still half full, although I have already been using this oil for more than half a year. I either use it like a hydrating face cream (all over my face) or for specific parts, for example around the eyes or on my forehead.

Prize: ca. 6 CHF (5.95 €)
The skin oil can be purchased at Müller (this is the German site, but I bought it in Switzerland where it is also available in stores).


Lastly, I am introducing another Yves Rocher product: a facemask with agave juice. The mask smells very fresh and leaves the skin hydrated and regenerated. The instruction says it lasts for 5 utilisations, but I have already used it more often than that.
Again, this product consists of more than 90% natural ingredients, and it only has to be left on for 5 minutes, which is great when one is in a hurry.

Prize: 6.90 CHF
This mask is available on the Yves Rocher site and in stores.

• • •

Thanks for reading this short post about my 5 favourite beauty products in January (: If you have any questions about how I use these products, or you want to share your own experiences with these or similar products, leave me a comment!
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Take care and see you soon,

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